Z2 Episode 6 – Rock’em Sock’em Robins

In this weeks episode, we discuss the continuing controversy of the Ghost in the Shell adaptation, lots of diversity in different media, and how great the Batfamily, in particular the Robins are. As always we have our picks of the week and be on the look out next week where we will have a new special guest! As always you can follow us on facebook and twitter, and please help us out by giving us a review on itunes, comments on stitcher radio, and subscribe from whichever device you’re listening to this on. Thanks everyone! Enjoy!


Z2 Episode 6



Z2 Episode 5 – Do you care about Doctor Strange?

Z2 Episode 5

We find our hero’s in a discussion about controversy and diversity. Controversy about the Ghost in the Shell movie, as well as Doctor Strange. We also discuss if there should be a character that should have gotten a movie in the MCU before Doctor Strange. Zach also read Moon Knight this week and we give our thoughts on that, and where it could be going with Jeff Lemire at the helm. As always you can follow us on Facebook, Facebook.com/z2podcast and Twitter @z2podcast. Subscribe and give us a review on itunes! For android listeners we are now available on Google Play Music, under the podcast section.

Z2 Episode 4 with Steven – Jaws Vader

Z2 Episode 4

Once again we find the Zach’s in another discussion of comic books and pop culture. This time joined by their friend Steven. In this weeks episode we discuss, The Wicked and the Divine and why it is a series that you need to be reading if you like mythology, Star Wars with a focus on the Rogue One trailer, and our issues with Arrow this season, with a spoiler of last weeks episode so keep that in mind.

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Z2 Episode 3 -Something, Something, Killing Joke

*Disclosure: Still messing with audio setups so bare with us while we get that figured out*

This week, we discuss the animated Killing Joke teaser that was released, as well as talk about the things that Batman and Robin Eternal set up for future series. We also talk about how great a book Omega Men is and why you should read it!
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