Z2 Episode 11 with Steven -The Watchers of the DC Universe

In this episode, we discuss the super heavy week of comic book news with the whole Captain America Hydra Agent reveal and what we think this means for the story as well as why people need to cool off a bit on the issue. DC Universe Rebirth also dropped this week and we have a super extended discussion on the book itself and how this will play into the DC Universe as a whole. We also discuss, several books that ended this week as well as the Flash Season II finale and the huge implications of that. We also all saw Xmen: Apocalypse, which was pretty decent and set up a lot of stuff for the new Xmen movie verse. As always be sure to follow us on facebook, at facebook.com/z2podcast and on twitter @z2podcast to get all of the updates outside of podcast episodes, and be sure to give us a review on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher Radio, it would really help us out!

Z2 Episode 11


Z2 Episode 10 – DCYou Got to be Kidding me

In this episode we discuss all of the DC movie and TV news such as Geoff Johns taking a larger role in the DC Cinematic universe and how CW plans to combine all 4 of their major DC properties into one episode. Will it work? Thats the question isn’t it. We also have a good old fashion comics discussion. With DC Universe Rebirth coming out very soon, we look back at some of the DCYou titles that ended and what they did for those characters as well as where they left off for some of them. There was also a leak of the Rebirth issue and how a major character is set to make their return. As always make sure to follow us on facebook, at facebook.com/z2podcast and twitter, @z2podcast and be sure to give us a review on itunes, google play, or stitcher radio if you like what you hear. We want to hear your feedback. With that here is episode 10 of the z2 podcast.

Z2 Episode 10

Z2 Episode 9 with Steven – The Netflix Plea

This week, Steven joins us once again to talk about a lot of news that happened this past week, including some banned book controversy, shows getting canceled and moved around, and why we think Netflix should just make all of these comic book shows or at least use their model. We also discuss Game of Thrones season 6, and how we think its going so far. Finally, we talk about the sudden passing of comic book legend Darwyn Cooke and what he meant to us and the comic book industry. Be sure to follow us also on facebook, at facebook.com/z2podcast and on twitter @z2podcast. Also please help us out by giving us a review on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher Radio, it would help us out a lot if you could. Without further ado, here is episode 9 of the z2 podcast!

Z2 Episode 9

Z2 Episode 8 – We’re Up All Night to Get Bucky

Its a civil discussion on Captain America: Civil War this week as our main topic, where we talk about what we liked about the movie, what predictions we got right, some of the problems we had with it. We also discuss free comic book day and the preview for Civil War II which turned out to be true from what we talked about a couple weeks ago. Finally we discuss the fate of Supergirl and Agent Carter as we both think the shows are super important to the grand scheme of things. As always you can follow us on facebook, facebook.com/z2podcast and twitter @z2podcast. Remember to give us a review on itunes, stitcher, or google play, it would really help us out. Enjoy this weeks episode!

Z2 Episode 8

Z2 Episode 7 with Jon – Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice

This week, we took a trip down to Hall of Justice Comics to have a discussion with shop owner Jon about his favorite comic book character, some interesting things about running a comic book shop, our predictions for Captain America: Civil War, and the fianl issue of Scott Synder and Greg Capullo’s Batman run. As always please help us out by subscribing on itunes, stitcher, or google play, it really help us out and remember to follow us on facebook and twitter, Facebook.com/z2podcast and @Z2podcast.

Z2 Episode 7