Z2 Episode 15 – Marvel’s Now Dividing?

In this weeks episode, we discuss several theories to how Civil War II will end and impact the Marvel universe as a whole. This is also due to the teaser images that Marvel has been releasing as of late for the new Marvel Now, so loads of┬ápossibilities! There was also the news that Star Wars: Rogue One will have Darth Vader and Saw Gerrara from the Clone War series in the movie! I also stress Zach S out by making him pick his favorite book of the week and stuff he’s been reading. Were also starting a book club and this months book will be Paul Dini’s “A Dark Night: A True Batman Story”, so grab yourself a copy and join us for a discussion on it later! As always please help us out by giving us a rating or review on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher as we love to here from you guys to know what were doing right and what we should improve on! Also you can follow us on facebook, facebook.com/z2podcast and twitter @z2podcast.

Z2 Episode 15


Z2 Episode 14 – The DCC Post Show

In this weeks regular episode, we discuss a lot of the things we saw at Denver Comic Con this weekend, what we liked about this year since it was our 5th year of going, and what we hope to see next year. We also talk about the Titans #1 that came out this week post rebirth and what we can see moving forward with it. Shorter episode this week with the double releases of episode 13.5, which we recorded the night before DCC so go check that out if you haven’t already! As always be sure to like us on facebook, facebook.com/z2podcast and twitter @z2podcast and be sure to give us a review/rating on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, or where ever else you listen to this podcast!

Z2 Episode 14

Z2 Episode 13.5 with Kayla and Rachel -What’s your Black Mercy story?

In this special .5 episode, we discuss with are good friends Kayla (Galatea Cosplay) and Rachel (Rachel Beenken Art) what our Black Mercy stories would be for certain characters! We thought this would be a fun little discussion the night before Denver Comic Con and if you’d like to see more of these kinds of things then feel free to let us know on either our facebook, facebook.com/z2podcast or twitter, @z2podcast. Enjoy this special episode!

Z2 Episode 13.5

Z2 Episode 13 with Jon – Jon’s Aquaman Indoctrination

In this week’s episode, we’re join once again by Jon of Hall of Justice Comics where we discuss the new Rebirth issues that came out this week, in particular Aquaman as Jon has a wealth of knowledge on the character. Our main topic for this week however is indie/creator owned comics. In which we discuss why we think they are blowing up so much recently, like Image and more recently Aftershock, what we like about them, and some of the downsides to the release schedules. If you like these kinds of discussions please let us know on our facebook, facebook.com/z2podcast and twitter, @z2podcast and we will be sure to do more of them! As always, help us out by giving a couple minutes of your time to review us on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher Radio. we would greatly appreciate it.

Z2 Episode 13

Z2 Episode 12 – The Rebirth of CIVIL WAR

In this week’s episode, we talk about the upcoming marvel news of the potential Captain Marvel in the MCU, Civil War II, and all of the first DC Rebirth issues! It was a super slow news week so we spend a heavy amount of time discussing the first Civil War II issue, who’s side were on, even though hate the whole picking sides thing, and how it will play into the overall story. We also talk about the new story arcs for Green Arrow, Green Lanterns, Batman, and Superman, since we got our first look at them in their Rebirth issues. As always be sure to follow us on Facebook , facebook.com/z2podcast and twitter @z2podcast, and be sure to subscribe and give us a review on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher radio, and if you have any ideas for future discussions be sure to send us a message or tweet. Enjoy this weeks episode!

Z2 Episode 12