Z2 Episode 22 -All Star Z2

In this week’s episode, if you can guess by the title we talk about All Star Batman that came out this past week! So nice to have Scotty Synder back on Batman. There was also nothing but DC news this week that we talk about including tv news, movie, news and exclusive contract announcements for artists and writers! It was a pretty good week for DC as a whole despite the whole Suicide Squad review and dropping at the box office. With that in mind we discuss if we think people rely on reviews to much or if its a justified approach to viewing entertainment. Be on the look out later this week for our Superfight episode we recorded with #ThinkingOutsidetheLongbox which was a ton of fun, so don’t miss that on Friday. If you like what you hear, be sure to either follow us on your listening platform of choice, facebook: facebook.com/z2podcast, twitter: @z2podcast, leave us a rating/review, and/or share this podcast to a friend!

Z2 Episode 22

Z2 Episode 21 – The Illuminati, Demons, and Pandas with Guns

In this weeks episode, Steve joins us once again to talk about the Suicide Squad movie, what we liked about it and the problems that we had with it, and if we recommend that you should see it or not. There was a bunch of Marvel and DC tv news out this week but aside from that not to much happened. Our picks this week are all a bunch of new series that are really excellent so make sure you stay tuned for that near the end of the podcast. As always we want to hear from you lovely listeners, so either give us a rating/review wherever you’re listening from and you can follow us on facebook, facebook.com/z2podcast, and twitter @z2podcast. Enjoy episode 21 everybody!

Z2 Episode 21

Z2 Episode 20 – What Writers Write Best

In this week’s episode, we manage to find things to talk about after a very slow news week post SDCC, which makes sense since all of the big announcements were last week. We do have some speculation though from Gail Simone and Kieron Gillen about what they could be writing next for DC and/or Marvel as they have both talked about on social media recently about how they’re writing a new superhero book. Our discussion this week to go along with that is what we think a writer does best at, such as how Geoff Johns is excellent at internal narration or how Jame Tynion writes the Batfamily as a collective whole. We also forgot to do our picks this week so go check out the new teams on Nightwing and Batgirl that came out this last week! As always you can follow us on facebook, facebook.com/z2podcast and twitter @z2podcast so you don’t miss any updates or extras from us, and be sure to give us a rating/review wherever you’re listening from. Thanks everyone enjoy episode 20!

Z2 Episode 20

Z2 Episode 19 – Part of that World: SDCC 2016 Roundup

In this week’s episode, we discuss all of the announcements and news that came out of San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. We got to see a new Wonder Woman and Justice league trailer that both look excellent. We got to see a lot of Marvel movie announcements such as Star Lords father and the official casting for Carol Danvers. At the end we do a lightning round of topics to quickly burn through a lot of the SDCC news since there was a ton of good stuff that came out from this weekend. As always you can follow us on facebook at facebook.com/z2podcast and twitter @z2podcast for all the latest updates and extras we post there, and if you haven’t done so already please help us out by giving us a rating/review or share this podcast to your friends! If you haven’t seen yet weve started posting a new thing called the Empty Pages so go check that out here!

Z2 Episode 19

Z2’s Empty Pages: The Legacy of a Hero

So one of the things I want to start doing on the website is jot down some ideas that I want to mention after we get done recording or where I am struck by something particularly deep throughout the week. My hope with this small system is that it gives you all, the listeners and viewers, to get time to pick into our brains and it gives me some more time to practice some of my good old writing abilities.

So legacy. There are many heroes who have had many people uphold their identity: Batman IS Bruce Wayne, but Jean Paul Valley, Dick Grayson, and James Gordon have all been canon versions of Batman with varying degrees of success in the city of Gotham. We now live in an age where the hero is replaced by another character much like how Jim Gordon became Batman while Bruce Wayne was amnesiac and the legacy of that character and the symbol of what that character means has become the most important part of that hero.

One of my favorite quotations by Scott Snyder on the aspect of Batman and his run from 2011 to whenever since he seems to never stop writing the character is that “Our Batman, to me, is kind of a figure of inspiration, and a little bit about sort of getting out of your house and being brave when you’re facing your personal demons or you’re facing problems that seem too big to solve on a national level or global level.” Batman, not Bruce Wayne, exists as a character who rises to the occasion and tells you that the world outside is scary, but you can do whatever it is that you fear or that you can be brave when in the face of darkness. Snyder goes on to say that Batman says “I’m going to fight it best I can so that you can get up and fight and take baby steps towards the things that might be insurmountable in your life.”

Batman as a legacy gives people the strength and courage to do what they need to. Dick Grayson moved away from the role of the Dark Knight and became Nightwing to establish himself, but there is something about the character, about the calling of Batman that drew him in after Bruce’s death in Final Crisis. It wasn’t so much an obligation to Bruce or to Gotham, but was very much a calling to show that hope and inspiration can survive through the darkness of a place like Gotham. Nightwing traveling the city alone is very different than DickBats taking on the villains of Gotham.

Batman as a force is something that inspires people. Why do you think villains, the very people that Batman fight decide to take on the symbol themselves. From someone like Jason Todd who embraced the identity of Batman in Battle for the Cowl to Bane, Hugo Strange, Harvey Dent and even Deathstroke found something special in the identity of Batman. To take it a step even further, Bruce Wayne established Batman Incorporated in Grant Morrison’s run of the same name where people all over the world took on the symbol of the Bat and found some sort of meaning behind it. It used to baffle me that someone like Kate Kane wanted to be Batwoman; however, she never joined the Bat-family because she did not want to be someone else’s soldier. She accepted what the symbol meant in Gotham and wanted to protect people in a way she could not in her civilian identity.

What I think I am trying to get at is Batman is pretty important and his symbol, his status, as the watchful guardian is something that is important to people and takes on a sense and belief of power. Even in Detective Comics 936, Jacob Kane, Batwoman’s father, notices that Batman is a status symbol, one with power, but is misused by Bruce Wayne himself. He sees the Batman symbol as a militant force not something that is meant to clean up the city and redeem Gotham when it very well does not see itself redeemable.

I think the basic gist of everything I have talked about so far is that legacy is important, it is something that is meant to be protected and then upheld so that other people could look up to that archetype perhaps.

We live in the world where characters move in a very organic manner and possibly outgrow their role or they give their blessing to someone else to fight on with their name. We have seen Odinson give Jane Foster his blessing and calling her worthy, we have seen Captain America pass on his iconic shield to Sam Wilson and take on a new shield even, and now Tony Stark’s Iron Man mantle is being passed to a new character, Riri Williams, and the one and only Victor Von Doom.

I have a lot of thoughts about this new Marvel shake-up. Though right now I can’t really speak on it because Riri has appeared in four issues of the comic on two or three pages at a time. Doctor Doom himself has been a supporting character and this is going to be his FIRST ongoing title since his inception. I really enjoy how Marvel writes rookie characters who are learning to go through things, look at Miles or Kamala. I also enjoy how Marvel has villains trying to do the right thing like with AXIS Carnage. I am not sure how these characters are going to make their way into the legacy of Iron Man, and who knows how long it will last (when does Avengers Infinity War come out again?). The success of this strategy where Marvel takes a new hero and puts them into a new role works, people buy the book, people buy into the character once they get to know them. Brian Michael Bendis is taking the time to develop this character when Civil War II ends in a few months, that much we know since she is appearing on and off again and Tony is now aware of her existence.

This is not a “diversity push” as some people want to call it, but it is more of a way to bring out characters that more readers would be interested in. I had friends who never read comics until someone like Ms. Marvel came along as her own character with a powerful creative team. What I’m trying to say is that this is not some corporate mandate to make characters of other race or backgrounds take the roles of your characters, they still exist, they stood for something for that character. Why else in the world would someone new want to take on their name? Yes, you can tell me that these are only fictional characters who have no personality outside of a printed page, but hey they exist and they have their own agenda that is different from their “parent” even.

You can say that Iron Man is not about the suit, that Iron Man is Tony Stark, but look at the current state of comics where he is passing down his role whether it is intentional or not to someone who wants to make a difference. That is the concept of legacy. That is the truth that exists in the world of literature to me. You become a symbol, you take on the symbol so that you can become something you never thought you would before.


Z2 Episode 18 – The All New and All Different is the Marvel NOW…2.0

In this week’s episode, we discuss Marvels new announcements since they keep releasing stuff. Seriously, what is going on at Marvel’s PR department? We also talk about all the fun and exciting things coming from DC like the Telltale Batman game starting next month, the Court of Owls are going to be on Gotham, Wally West’s Kid Flash costume was revealed for the Flash tv show, and JLA is apparently uncanceled. Then there was the huge news that Grand Admiral Thrawn is going to be the first major villain pulled from the Star Wars expanded universe novels and will be in Star Wars Rebels season 3 and we are pumped. We also debuted our first edition of the Z2 Comic Book Book Club, or Z2CBBC, where in this month we talk about “Dark Night: A True Batman Story” by Paul Dini and Eduardo Risso. For all of our updates you can follow us on facebook, facebook.com/z2podcast and twitter @z2podcast and if you haven’t done so already give us a little rating/review wherever you’re listening to this!

Z2 Episode 18