Z2 Episode 22.5 – Z2 Superfights TOTLB

SUPERFIGHT!!!! In this special episode, we play superfight with the guys from Think Outside the Long Box, it was a ton of fun to record this one, and we even had an audience this time around! Go check out ┬áTOTLB they’re awesome. You can find them at http://www.totlb.com.

Z2 Episode 22.5


Z2 Episode 22 -All Star Z2

In this week’s episode, if you can guess by the title we talk about All Star Batman that came out this past week! So nice to have Scotty Synder back on Batman. There was also nothing but DC news this week that we talk about including tv news, movie, news and exclusive contract announcements for artists and writers! It was a pretty good week for DC as a whole despite the whole Suicide Squad review and dropping at the box office. With that in mind we discuss if we think people rely on reviews to much or if its a justified approach to viewing entertainment. Be on the look out later this week for our Superfight episode we recorded with #ThinkingOutsidetheLongbox which was a ton of fun, so don’t miss that on Friday. If you like what you hear, be sure to either follow us on your listening platform of choice, facebook: facebook.com/z2podcast, twitter: @z2podcast, leave us a rating/review, and/or share this podcast to a friend!

Z2 Episode 22

Z2 Episode 17.5 – All Hands on Deck #1: #Acapuddle vs #ActualJediRidley

In this extra special episode, we are joined by friends of the podcast Steven and Jim to play Super Fight! We break down how we play Super Fight for those who don’t know and we get to it. We had a lot of fun making this episode and hopefully plan to do more card game style podcasts. If you liked this, let us know on facebook, facebook.com/Z2podcast or twitter, @Z2podcast, give us your feedback for improving these or other games we should play! We’d also appreciate it if you shared this podcast to others that you think would enjoy it! Now prepare yourselves for SUPERFIGHT!

Z2 Episode 17.5