Z2 Episode 24 – Its confirmed that things are still unconfirmed

In this week’s episode, we discuss all the things that were rumored to be coming out that are still not and the things that are coming out that were thought to be in development hell, like the Justice League Dark film, not the animated one but the live action film! We also discuss about all of the impending fallout from the Hail Hydra Steve Rogers and the end of the first Detective Comics story arc from Rebirth. As always we want to hear from you the lovely listeners. What do you like about the show? What should be improve on or change? Let us know by either commenting on facebook.com/z2podcast, twitter @z2podcast, or leave us a rating/review wherever you listen from! Thanks everyone, we have some extra content in the works as well so be sure to follow those places as well to get updates of when those come out!

Z2 Episode 24



Z2 Episode 19 – Part of that World: SDCC 2016 Roundup

In this week’s episode, we discuss all of the announcements and news that came out of San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. We got to see a new Wonder Woman and Justice league trailer that both look excellent. We got to see a lot of Marvel movie announcements such as Star Lords father and the official casting for Carol Danvers. At the end we do a lightning round of topics to quickly burn through a lot of the SDCC news since there was a ton of good stuff that came out from this weekend. As always you can follow us on facebook at facebook.com/z2podcast and twitter @z2podcast for all the latest updates and extras we post there, and if you haven’t done so already please help us out by giving us a rating/review or share this podcast to your friends! If you haven’t seen yet weve started posting a new thing called the Empty Pages so go check that out here!

Z2 Episode 19

Z2 Episode 14 – The DCC Post Show

In this weeks regular episode, we discuss a lot of the things we saw at Denver Comic Con this weekend, what we liked about this year since it was our 5th year of going, and what we hope to see next year. We also talk about the Titans #1 that came out this week post rebirth and what we can see moving forward with it. Shorter episode this week with the double releases of episode 13.5, which we recorded the night before DCC so go check that out if you haven’t already! As always be sure to like us on facebook, facebook.com/z2podcast and twitter @z2podcast and be sure to give us a review/rating on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, or where ever else you listen to this podcast!

Z2 Episode 14

Z2 Episode 10 – DCYou Got to be Kidding me

In this episode we discuss all of the DC movie and TV news such as Geoff Johns taking a larger role in the DC Cinematic universe and how CW plans to combine all 4 of their major DC properties into one episode. Will it work? Thats the question isn’t it. We also have a good old fashion comics discussion. With DC Universe Rebirth coming out very soon, we look back at some of the DCYou titles that ended and what they did for those characters as well as where they left off for some of them. There was also a leak of the Rebirth issue and how a major character is set to make their return. As always make sure to follow us on facebook, at facebook.com/z2podcast and twitter, @z2podcast and be sure to give us a review on itunes, google play, or stitcher radio if you like what you hear. We want to hear your feedback. With that here is episode 10 of the z2 podcast.

Z2 Episode 10