Z2 Episode 23 – Z2 Brings Closure

In this week’s episode, we talk about all endings of the story arcs for Batman, Green Arrow, and Wicked and the Divine and how those stories will shape up moving forward. There was also the big announcement of the casting of MJ in Marvel’s Spiderman movie, which once again has the internet up in arms. Luckily we have some wise words from comic creators to lend us a hand of how to properly deal with it. Zach also goes on another one of his infamous Superman rants with a new theory with everything thats happened with the comics as of late. As always if you like what you hear, help us out by giving us a rating/review where ever you listen from, or leave a comment! You can also follow us on facebook and twitter, facebook.com/z2podcast and @z2podcast.

Z2 Episode 23


Z2 Episode 4 with Steven – Jaws Vader

Z2 Episode 4

Once again we find the Zach’s in another discussion of comic books and pop culture. This time joined by their friend Steven. In this weeks episode we discuss, The Wicked and the Divine and why it is a series that you need to be reading if you like mythology, Star Wars with a focus on the Rogue One trailer, and our issues with Arrow this season, with a spoiler of last weeks episode so keep that in mind.

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